Glass Fencing

Absolute Fencing & Balustrading are experts in all forms of Glass Fencing. We have been putting glass fences up for over 20 years so rest assured you are in good hands. We offer a wide range of options, all at highly competitive prices. Our Glass Fences are of a superior quality and offer high levels of safety. Our service is fast as well and we will do all we can to inconvenience you as little as possible.

Frameless Toughened Glass (12mm) on squre or round spiggot.

This is the perfect fence for uninterrupted views of the pool and surrounding areas. This is our most popular Glass Fence combination.

Frameless Toughened Glass (12mm) on squre or round spiggot with stainless steel or timber top rail.

Top rails are require for any glass fence a metre or more above the ground.

Semi-Frameless Toughened Glass (10mm) on Stainless or Powder Coated (high finish custom painted) Posts.

This is often used as a slightly more affodable option (25% less that Frameless Glass).

Frameless Toughened Glass Gates.

All our gates are on self closing stainless steel hinges, child proof  and are legally compliant to be used as Pool Fencing properly meeting the Australian Standards requirement.

Timber Fencing, Pickets and Gates

We offer a wide range of Timber Fencing products including, Picket Fencing, Lap and Cap Pailing, Standard Pailing, Lap Pailing with your choice of galvernised or timber posts. We also provide customised balustrading to suit the deck, balcony, or stairway in treated pine or hard wood.

You will find our range quite affordable in relation to our competitors but our quality and worksmanship are second to none. We look forward to talking with you.

Standard Pailing

This form of fencing is used as a economical standard fence for most suburban properties. It is by far our best priced fencing and looks very tidy.

Lap and Cap

This form of fencing is extremely private with no gaps. The capping adds a nice feature and keeps it looking symetrical.

Picket Fencing.

Picket fencing is quite a desirable form of fencing that will make the perfect finish to a tidy yard. It can be built free standing and also placed between piers. It can also have a balustraded look to give it a more finished and quality feel.

Privacy Screening

Privacy Screening is used to help conceal either parts of the house, property or nieghbouring property that you may want to hide away. It also can give and attractive enclosure to your garage, shed or house.

Timber Gates

Timber Gates can be made to match all kinds of fencing, picket and privacy screening. Gates can be self closing or can have standard hinges used. Gates can also be made to be child safe.

Metal Fencing and Balustrading

We offer a wide range of Metal Fencing and Balustrading products which can be integrated into your Frameless Glass fencing, to minimise expenditure.

Flat top metal Pool Fencing

Our majority of our clients prefer the flat top fencing as it suits the flat topped nature of the glass pool fencing. It is a quick, efficient and affordable way to fence a Pool or Property.

Metal Picket

Metal Powder coated Picket Fencing is a great product that offers practically unlimited colours and is long wearing and always looks amazing. It does lean towards the much higher range of pricing for fencing.

Colour Bond Fencing

Colour Bond fencing is another alternative to timber. It comes in a wide range of colours. Many people find it a little harsh and impersonal.


We offer many choices in Balustrading to suit balconies, decks or stair cases. It is quite an affordable and sensible safety feature that also adds a little class.

Other Products and Services

Listed are some of the other services we offer. If you would like more information on anything please give us a call.

Timber Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are used to hold back dirt under fences or as a feature in your garden. We use a variety of slabs and sleepers. The heights vary from 100mm upwards depending on your situation.


We offer a variety of decking types in hardwood or treated pine customised to suit your pool or property requirements.

Demolition and Removal of Old Fences and Decks

Fences can often be heavily covered in ivy or insects that need to be replaced. Our demolition and removal service is very well priced and we leave your garden looking tidy.

Core Drilling

If you require core drilling into concrete, sandstone or any other unmovable material it is already covered by you quote along with jackhammering bricks and soft sandstone.